Lord of the Flies book response


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I think that fear was an important part in the book Lord of the Flies. Fear is something everyone had at the beginning of the book. They were all afraid of not being rescued and about the “beast”. Ralph, Piggy and other little ones wanted to be rescued and if they couldn’t keep the fire going they were never going to be rescued. They had to make smoke so that if a ship passed by, the people in the ship could see the smoke and come and rescue them. They were also afraid of the “beast”. The little ones were the ones who started saying there was a beast in the island that they had seen. After they said that, the big ones didn’t believe them, but after a while they started to believe it. They thought that there was really a beast in the island and they were all afraid that the beast was going to do something to them but there was nothing to be afraid of because there was not beast. The beast was in their minds, but Jack kept them believing there was one because if they kept thinking that, he would be able to control the rest of them. He used the beast in their minds to make them be afraid and since he was the older one, they would all obey what he said because they thought he was going to protect them. Fear is something most of us have, but some use it to control other people.


I also think that laws they made are really important in the book because they wanted to keep everything under control and not have chaos in the island. The conch was the most important thing they had because whoever had the conch, that would be the person that would talk. Ralph was the leader that they chose at the beginning and he was the one that they were all supposed to listen to, but after a while they started breaking the rules and wouldn’t listen to what Ralph would tell them. They also broke the rules when Jack and the hunters let the fire go out just because Jack thought it was more important to hunt then to be rescued. They didn’t have any type of signal if a ship passed by at the time when there was no fire. They could have been rescued if they hadn’t broken the rules. That is why without laws we are lost.