It’s NOT Love… (A.W.A.R.E Workshop)



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The Aphoto (1).W.A.R.E workshop called “It’s Not Love” explains to young teen adults the difference between a healthy and non healthy relationship.

In the workshop there are several different stories and examples of a relationship. When you began the workshop you no longer are yourself.  You become somebody else and have to make decisions with your group on what your next decision should be.  \

One story was about a girl named Rebecca.  She was sixteen years old and had a passionate love for art and music. She met a guy and things changed.  He became very controlling over who she could talk to and where she could go.  In every step Rebecca and her group chose to leave the relationship but before she broke up with him she decided to hear him out.

She went to talk to him and decided he deserved another chance. At a party he started to act out in front of her friends she was embarrassed by his actions. She went to talk  to him about what he did at the party, but he didn’t seem to have any remorse for his actions.  So she decided it was time to break up with him.  He was very upset he told her “this is not the last you’ll see of me.”

Through out the workshop there were different color beads which you had to pick up when you felt like you were getting abused (emotional, physical, sexual, and technological).

After we all discussed our relationships there was a group discussion.  We asked questions and talked about personal stories. We learned that if you have a loved one who is being abused in any type of way you shouldn’t tell them how much you don’t like the person they are dating, always show support.

This workshop opened a lot of the young adults eyes and showed them what love was and wasn’t . Everyone should be aware of what love is and know if you are a victim that it is never your fault and you always have support.  Somewhere out there someone wants to see you succeed in every way of life. Always be A.W.A.R.E !