Lucky couple finds $10M in gold coins

Lucky couple finds $10M in gold coins


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A lucky husband and wife are loving their good luck after finding $10 million in rare gold coins buried on their property in northern California. The couple chose to keep their names anonymous. The coins were dug up in February 2013 by the husband and wife. The couple was out on a daily stroll walking their dog when they spotted something shiny on the ground near their house. The couple started digging and eventually discovered eight metal cans, containing more than 1,400 gold coins. No one knows how they got there, or who the coins might have belonged to but that doesn’t matter! Like bearer bonds, whoever has possession of them owns them.

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If you ask me, the couple is smart by not releasing their names but extremely lucky by finding all of this fortune. I hope they invest this new found wealth wisely. The historical and economic value of these coins are marvelous. They should be put up for display in a museum like the Smithsonian.

By: Lobster and Wimoe