Madaya: Syria allows aid to reach city facing starvation

Madaya: Syria allows aid to reach city facing starvation


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Syria has been getting aid from the United Nations due to starvation. In Madaya the people do not have many jobs and the majority are poor. The food is so expensive, just a kilo of rice is more than $100. There are videos of children eating soup made of leaves, grass, and water. The United Nations received “credible reports” of people dying of starvation in Madaya and the Syria government allowed the aid in Madaya, Foah, and Kefraya. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the International Red Cross, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is

preparing to deliver humanitarian aid in the coming days. The aid is said to sustain 40,000 people for a month. As far as the  United Nations know from the aid group in Medecins San Frontieres the number of dead people was 23 since December 1st. Activist say that    about 41 people have died of starvation. The only confirmed death was a 53 year old man.

picIt is a great tragedy of the events that are happening in this country. I really feel disappointed in how unfair the world could be at times. Just reading this article gave me a flash back of the Holocaust back in World War II. The majority of the people in Madaya are suffering the same starvation as the Jewish expect for the only part is that the Madaya people have freedom. I think Syria should have more consideration for their people and fix their economy than continuing to sponsor ISIS. The Syrians should have food being delivered to these people instead of asking for weapons or creating weapons of mass destruction. I feel it is amazing that most aid groups are joining together to feed the people that are dying of starvation.

I think having the aid will have a decrease of starvation deaths. It is hopeful in a small way to see that the Syrian government agreed to have the aid. I hope that this might make a change in decreasing the overall tragedy and cost for daily survival in Syria.

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