Majority of House Rejects “Bullet Control”.


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Armor Piercing Shell
Armor Piercing Shell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More than half of the U.S. House of Representatives are actively opposing a proposed bullet ban that has caused controversy with second amendment supporters and recreational gun users in the United States. The bureau wants to make it illegal to manufacture and sell (but not possess) “green tip” cartridges, otherwise known as armor piercing rounds used by rifles popular for self defense and recreational shooting.

This proposal plans to revoke a long standing exemption under a 1986 law that bans armor piercing bullets to try and help protect police officers. The ban on this gun control act allows for exceptions if the bullets are intended for sporting purposes only. The bureau states this change is needed since the rounds can now be used in handguns and other concealable weapons.

There is not much evidence that one of these rounds has ever been fired at a police officer from a handgun so some law enforcement leaders are doubting if the ban is even needed. Many critics see this proposed rule as just a backdoor or sneaky way of obtaining gun control after the Obama administration failed to push gun control laws through congress following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting back in 2012.

I believe this ban on rounds will do nothing to help or prevent protecting officers or anyone else for that matter. Just like drugs and other illegal things, people will find a way to manufacture or obtain them one way or another. It may slow it down a bit but not enough for it to be worth it or spending all the money to convict people of ammunition charges.

If the government really wants to protect officers then maybe they should equip officers with these rounds so they can have a fighting chance of being shot at by these same rounds. If that is not enough then maybe officers should have better protected vests or they should lower the powerful effect of these rounds if they are going to sell them.

Do you think we can make our society safer with gun control laws?