Make America Great?

Make America Great?


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Mitt Romney; a former Republican candidate called out current Republican candidate Donald Trump. He calls him “Fake and a phony and a fraud”. From my point of view I personally do not favor Mitt Romney at all but after he stated that Trump is a fraud and a phony half of America including myself could not have said it better. Personally, If Trump would to win this presidential election I have a feeling he will want to go and be a dictator type of style. Most of all I find a huge comparison between Trump and the old Nazi ways of Germany’s democratically elected Adolf Hitler.

Mainly from my perspective, I compare them because Hitler did not like the Jewish people and wanted to execute them all. Although Trump does not want to kill the people he dislikes he feels very strongly about making them leave the country. For instance, he wants to take all the Spanish speaking people out of here because they are all “Drug dealing law breaking Mexicans”. Lately we’ve been having a problem with terrorist attacks and too many bombing situations and he wants to send all these people back to their homelands.  He has recently said that “The Muslims hate us”.  This kind of ignorant talk only leads to division and hatred.  It is the opposite of the American constitutional ideal to search for a “more perfect union” 

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