Malaria Day 2016

Malaria Day 2016


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25th of April, Monday,  on this particular day people participate all over the World to protect our global society against malaria disease.  Dirty water, old food and other unhealthy products cause malaria because they breed the bugs that carry this disease.  Malaria can be a terminal  disease if it gets serious.  This is the platform to keep up the fight against Malaria disease. The Department of Health and Human Services  should ensure that people are getting the right prevention information and treatment of malaria.  This is true of other mosquito born diseases like zika as well.

The World Health Organization creates a platform for the people across the world that can share their ideas and resources to protect our society and our children from mosquito born disease. We can save someone’s life by advising them and helping them.  Together we can end many health threats such as Malaria from the World.


Here you can find programs to end malaria from the World: