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I have no disgust for the law

Though I still see people

Fight for the cause,

The cause of defeat

For the mind of mankind

And that the world

Has one light to let shine,

Cops who drop a man down

Families who can’t speak a sound,

Graves that withstand so much pain

But sink lower from the tears of strain,

Rain that slams down on the ground

For years we have dreaded that sound,

For light when there’s dark

Can start a new spark,

And yet we still only scream

MAN DOWN!!!!!!!!

I see pain in the eyes of so many

We lose but don’t know we’re winning,

We praise God

Even though we stay sinning,

So why can’t the world

Be so forgiving,

Wise beyond years

Of recognition,

Though lives are cut short

Like incisions,

I see monsters that aren’t under beds

And kids who stay never fed,

I see schools who give up on a kid

When all the kid needs

Is someone to give a sh*t,

Stressed beyond minds of a million

Say’s the adults

But what about all the children,

We say no terrorists allowed in the states

But we all bring out terror

That’s our fate,

So never let your mind fall out

Or you’ll be the next,

MAN DOWN !!!!!!


The idea of how the world is seen in our own point of view, is what drives us to do more. The way that we perceive things is not always right and is not always wrong, but it is an act of being human. What’s your Perspective?

  • D’Andre Daw***s