Man who faked death pleads guilty


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Aubrey Lee Price, a man accused of faking his death in an attempt to evade Federal bank fraud charges, was denied bail. Mr. Price, 47 years old, allegedly raised around $40 million from about 115 investors and kept the money and vanished. According to charges and court documents filed against him on July 2nd, 2012 he disappeared and left a note behind to friends and business acquaintances that said he was going to kill himself by “jumping off a ferry boat.” He later was captured in Georgia on New Year’s Eve after being on the run for about a year and a half.  He was stopped by a Glynn County Sheriff because of a “tinting violation.” He was arrested for that violation and also for giving false information after deputies revealed he was carrying two different identification cards.  He was later booked when the sheriff’s office confirmed Price’s identify with the FBI. He appeared in court Wednesday, where he plead “Not Guilty”.

In my opinion I think this man has been running and hiding for long enough and will finally have to face the consequences for his wrong doings. He stole a lot of people from hard working people, and ran off with it and on top of that faked his death in order to cover it up.