Manipulating The Mind

Manipulating The Mind


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Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes made its first appearance in 1960 as a magazine story, and has since then been a greatly popular book ever since.  Its about a 32 year old named Charley, he is mentally challenged and comes across a few collage scientist who are working on an experiment to try and make people like him smarter threw a surgery in the brain. They’ve tested it out on a few animals and it seems to be working on a mouse named Algernon, now they need to test it out on a human. This book shows that humans have always tried to better there living conditions, and even try to enhance there own biological reality.

Is this morally right trying to manipulate the human biology to our own desires, wants? Even if we try, witch we have the outcome is not always what we expect or what we wanted. This book really gives you a good view point of an unbiased minded person that is honest and is dealing with the fact that this might not be ok, morally. Charley is really having a conflict with him self as he starts understanding more and more and getting smarter, although he can’t change what he has got himself into deep down he knows some thing should be left the way they came into this word, some things simply should not be changed.

Reading Flowers for Algernon was the most eye opening and self conflicting experience. It was a complete roller coaster ride, ups and downs twists and turns just thrilling. This is a must read book for anyone. It really opened my eyes to seeing how cruel the world is, but also how beautiful it can be and is. It also showed me that some things in life cant be changed as much as we may want, and we have to live with that as unfair as it may seem that’s just the way things