The Many Faces of Water



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The Smallest Moiety
The Smallest Moiety by Joshua McDow

Water, the most abundant resource on our earth, can take on many forms. Its environment determines water’s characteristics and appearance, making it an incredible subject for the art of photography. Depending on the setting of the picture and the method of shooting, water can take on such incredibly different appearances that two might not even seem similar. In this photograph [right], the subject is four small drops of water on a lens. The polar water takes on a hill like structure and beautifully distorts the light entering it.


Quotidian Waterfall by Joshua McDow

With an image such as this [left] there is not much beauty available for appreciation. This is water as we typically experience it, therefore it holds little amusement to us. However, when the wondrous liquid reveals itself in some varying facets it becomes a beautiful work of natural art.

Below is a picture taken at dusk of a fast-flowing river. The shutter-speed used was 30 seconds, essentially capturing 30 seconds worth of moments, and layering them all on top of each other to create the mist-like appearance. All it takes is hint of innovation and creativity to take such a simple everyday substance, such as water, and create breath-taking art from it. These ingredients can only be found within oneself, and are present in all; but it is only those who take a moment to tap in to these qualities who can exercise them.



Moments Enjoined by Joshua McDow