March of Honor in Russia



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On Sunday March 1st, 2015, Russian citizens congregated in the streets and marched to honor and remember the death of a Russian politician. Boris Nemtsov is the politician being honored during this march and he was the leader in the Russian opposition. The opposition does not agree with Russia’s current government and President Vladimir Putin. Nemtsov was gunned down on the 27th of February. Some supporters of Nemtsov believe that Putin was responsible for the killing. The Russian government says these claims are false.

Can you imagine if this type of thing happened in the US between Democrats and Republicans?  American political parties may have their sharp divisions but this is a telling sign that democracy does not exist in Russia.

An issue that Boris Nemtsov has majorly disagreed with was the fighting in Ukraine. Over two decades ago the USSR was dissolved and Ukraine and Russia were then their own countries. In eastern Ukraine some Ukrainians want to be part of Russia again, however many others in western Ukraine strongly disagreed with being part of the Soviet Union and oppose to becoming one with Russia again.

Protesters are hoping that Nemtsov’s death will not go in vain and that it will inspire people to take action. Putin supporters gave suggestions that the U.S. or Western Europeans were responsible. The U.S. has claimed that they have no information on who shot and killed Nemtsov. Many protesters believe that Nemtov’s death will bring any change.

Factors of loyalty, life, and freedom of speech are being “impeded’ on if pro-Putin supporters are involved in Boris’ killing. If it was another country that sent someone to kill Boris the fact that a country does not like another leader and thinks he shouldn’t be in power does not give anyone the right to cause a coup or any type of rebellion. Countries should stay out of other countries affairs because it does not concern them, the same with Syria, Ukraine, and many others. No one should police the world, no one should get involved unless it is dire that another country should get involved. I don’t believe that Putin had Nemtsov killed, however other countries have done some covert acts to change a government.