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Legalize Regulate Educate Medicate


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In recent studies, researchers have discovered that medical marijuana can potentially help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. In 2010, Paul Culkin of Rio Rancho, N.M., was an Army veteran that suffered a traumatic event during combat. His PTSD became so bad that he became an angry person, and becoming anti-social from everyone he knew. He has found that marijuana has benefited him tremendously, helping with his PTSD. Culkin has shared with us that he does not abuse his personal use of marijuana, instead he takes a small, controlled dosage using edible THC every day to help him. The only problem with the marijuana is that the VA, or Veteran Affairs does not allow the use of any time of marijuana. They say it is a violation of the Controlled Substance Act, and will not allow it because it is labeled as a Class A drug and is illegal all throughout the country (this was made in 2010). The arguments around marijuana and PTSD are still a 50/50 chance, according to the government. Unfortunately, the Federal Government does not allow for research of any kind regarding marijuana, so it is especially hard to legalize it.

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It seems marijuana does help with PTSD, as well as many other mental instabilities, such as anxiety, depression, and in some cases, can even help with epilepsy. The Federal Government has labeled the drug a Class A, which means it is just as bad as heroin and crystal meth. In no way shape or form is that close to correct. There have been no cases of a person over-dosing while using marijuana, recreationally or medicinally. The Government should consider giving medicinal marijuana a chance instead of blocking it off and not giving it a second look. Medicinal marijuana should be legalized for patients suffering from PTSD, along with every other mental-instability, as well as physical if the patient agrees to it or if a parent thinks its the best thing to do.