Marijuana Use Rising In Teens

Marijuana Use Rising In Teens


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Recently  around the country of the United States teens in the grades 8, 10 and 12 have taken a survey asking them about the drug use rising in teenagers. The survey asks teens about tobacco use, inhalant, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, ecstasy and the uses of marijuana. The results of marijuana use in 1993 has tripled from 2.4% of daily use to 6.5% everyday use in 2013. The results have shown that the THC levels in marijuana have risen over the past few years. The use of prescription drugs such as Vicodin and Adderall have continued to be used and  has gone up in teen drug abuse. Use of ecstasy and other psychedelic drug use has gone down from 2001 at 9.2% down to only 4% in 2013. Less than 10% of teenagers have smoked cigarettes, but the use of hookah has gone up from 18.3% in 2012 up to 21% in 2013.

Looking at the results of the survey most uses of other types of drugs have gone down while the use of marijuana has gone up. Many teenagers do not see an issue with smoking or using marijuana, causing the usage to go up.

With the usage of marijuana going up, how should the government react with the usage of this going up?

How should government policy change on marijuana? From being illegal in certain and causing many people to serve time, because they were caught with the drug.

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