Maspero Masscare



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Maspero Massacre


This is happened in Egypt 3 years ago.  It was on 10/9/2011.

On Thursday October 9th a very dark memory passed by silently in Egypt , it was the anniversary of the Maspero massacre. A dark moment for Egypt in the 21st century where not less than 28 Egyptians were killed by Egypt’s military police in a horrifying crime that was recorded live. Over 100 were  injured. From the beginning, the Christian people had peaceful chants as the video starts.  But then the army began using violence even before the protesters reached Maspero. Gunshots were heard from the end of Shubra Street and rocks were thrown from a nearby bridge  and the military crushed them with armored vehicles.  This is one of the many sufferings the Christians found in Egypt the last 4 years.

It is really hard for us when we remember all of this, and I never forgot it. Just take a stand and think why they killed them. They never have any rights to kill them. In my opinion justice would be to execute this people who killed the unarmed Christian people.  Also, I think that the killing was not ordered by the commander of the Army but my members who hate the Christians.

This relate to the government because these people who killed the Christians; they do not have any power or authority to kill other people.  It is shameful that other people’s lives can be destroyed like this.   Government should be the force of justice but too many times it is not. This video is too sad.  Democracy is very fragile because people do not have basic respect.