Medal Of Honor



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On June 19, 2014 President Obama recognized William Kyle Carpenter with the medal of honor. William Kyle defended a fellow US Marine from a grenade thrown during a firefight in Afghanistan in 2010. Carpenter said he remembered his friends telling him that he will survive; it was very hard for him to understand what was happening because he was unconscious. Carpenter lost his right eye and he broke his arm in more than 30 places and had to have his skin repaired. He also has a jaw replacement and a glass eye. This admirable hero has been recovering from this experience at his home.  He was unable to speak at first but, since this disaster lead him to be unable to speak.  His positive attitude through all of this suffering is inspiring.

I believe people like Carpenter should be respected heroes. Not all of human beings have the courage to give their life to save others. I thank God for giving this noble gentleman another chance.  We talk about citizenship  and service in government class but this story reminds us that life has great meaning when we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others.