Medical Donation Gone Bad in Guatamala


msr sergio

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The Prosecutor of Humans Rights  in Guatemala (PDH) was informed during an inspection  of the National Hospital by Doctor Jorge Vides Molina of Huehuetenango that many expired medications were discovered.  These medications were donated to the government The information of the PDH said that there are many boxes of medication that have not been checked yet.  Also, the 90% of donated medication does not even have a date of expiration printed on it. It is good to give and donate but sometimes the cost of a bad donation like this one makes things worse.

It is so important to check the date of expiration when we buy something. I have met a lot of people who do not check their products when they buy them. For example in the school when the students  buy a soda or chips, they do not check the the date of expiration because they think the products are okay. I have seen this many times in my life. This is happening around the world, so please my people take care of yourself. I have to mention that these products of medicine were made by the company Ruipharma, S,A.

Government regulates expiration dates for the safety of its citizens.  Be aware and know the expiration date especially if you are accepting a donation of food or medicine.

Por La Redacción / Huehuetenango