Meeting Steve McQueen

Meeting Steve McQueen


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One sunny Sunday, cruising in D.C. my mom and I were checking out the Cinco de Mayo festival and the Smithsonian museums. There was food and all kind of different festivities going on such as face painting, karaoke, and Zumba. We took pictures with mariachi bands and traditional dance groups. The weather grew windy, and my mother wanted to head back to the car. Surprisingly we ran into Steve McQueen, HELLO! The director of 12 Years a Slave. As we made our way to the car he was walking all by himself and passed by us. My mom seemed anxious to approach him, so I said, “Hey Steve” He turned around and greeted us cheerfully.

Running into Steve McQueen was so a memorable experience, not many people run into big movie directors like that; it was a great moment.


12 Years a Slave is a movie based on a true story of blacks man fight for survival and freedom.

Steve won several awards such as best motion picture of the year, movie of the year and best director. I hope Steve continues making great movies.