Mentor Social; A time to build family, love, respect.

Mentor Social; A time to build family, love, respect.

Roza AL

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The school that is successful is the one that can teach students the values of family, love and respect. the mentor social is a time to relax and be happy.  A mentor gives students the  chance to speak about whats happening  and how she or he  doing happy  or sad.

In my school we have a slogan.  Here we say that I AM because WE ARE,  FAMILY LOVE RESPECT.  These are easy words but they have a bigger meaning.  Sometimes in students’ own families they don’t see the real meaning of these words.  It is hard to believe it and to live it all the time but it is harder when you don’t have an example to follow.  Teachers are mentors when they can give this example of values to their students.

In my home country;  all teachers face dangers and they are tired with the struggle. If they have a bad day they may kick the student. All the time they are yelling  at the students.  Teachers and students need community and need to feel like they belong to one another.  Without family, love and respect life becomes a tired struggle.

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