Mercury Levels Rise in Pacific Yellowfin Tuna



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A new recent study has found that the levels in mercury have risen in nine species of fish that are common to eat, especially the Yellowfin Tuna which is sold as a canned good. According to studies the level of mercury has risen in about .8% per year. what we know about mercury is that its a liquid metal that is very hazardous to the ‘human body, yet these products are sold without health studies that would approve it’s consumption. these means that a laissez faire system is in place. However regulation should be required to make sure that it will not damage the consumer’s health.

According to the article the source of mercury for fish used to be from natural resources from deep ocean vents. Now it has been proven that most of this methyl mercury comes from these sources: elemental mercury in the atmosphere, downwind from a rapidly industrializing eastern Asia.

Health regulations such as The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency have only updated their recommendations about fish, but no sanction has been to reported to any supplier.

In my opinion Government should regulate this issue more, not only on fish but on fruits and vegetables as well, not only food suppliers ad farms should be regulated closely as factories are the ones that have been emitting this pollution to wildlife. In conclusion if entrepreneurs,corporations , and factories are not going to do anything about controlling their emission, then it is os for government to interrupt the laissez faire system for the good of the people who ar at risk, but more importantly wildlife.