Military diplomacy in Japan

Military diplomacy in Japan


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Since Teddy Roosevelt sent the “Great White Fleet” around the world America has had a history of putting its military power on display to build alliances and deter enemies. This is happening today. The US is sending F-35s to japan to be “the cornerstone” of US defense in the Pacific. The planes are heading for Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, not far from Hiroshima, on the Japanese main island of Honshu.

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“Sending the $104 million jets to Iwakuni shows Washington’s “commitment to the defense of Japan with the most capable and modern equipment in the U.S. inventory,” 1st Lt. Karoline Foote of the III Marine Expeditionary Force in Japan told CNN in an email.
“It will be the cornerstone of a multi-mission joint force possessing improved mission flexibility and unprecedented effectiveness to engage and destroy both air and ground threats,” Foote said.

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Why do we want to strengthen our alliance with Japan?

If there’s any war in the future, Japan would be the cornerstone defense of the United States. If the US happens to lose Japan to another country then the western side of the US could be defenseless. Japan is a very important ally to the US. Helping Japan build a great defense strategy will not only help Japan but it will also help the US. The US keeps bases in Japan and South Korea to discourage North Korea from doing anything foolish while they are very close.

How does the military affect decisions about the global economy?

Without military expansion the economy would not have flourished like it did. Trade would be difficult in war torn countries had there not been any military intervention. Companies can now have their products made in another country without been afraid that their shipments could be hijacked by other countries. Also having close ties with China helps in trade. Having the country with the strongest army and navy can be a force to be reckoned with.

How did the relationship between Japan and the United States develop?  What happened after world war II  and has the American investment in Japan paid off to our advantage?

After World War 2, Japan had to rebuild after the massive destruction caused by 2 atomic bombs dropped by the United States. The US military occupation of Japan helped them rebuild. During the process of rebuilding japan they exchanged technology and culture creating a strong alliance. Even though Japan struggled with their economy at first, with the help of the US they were able to take back control and flourish.

Is the Japanese military growing now compared to how it used to be? Why?

Yes they are. Japan signed an agreement with the US allowing them to be re-armed and militarized again. The US won’t have to defend Japan from anyone if they can protect themselves. Giving back the power to form their military again increased their alliance even more. Both Japanese and American soldiers now share bases and work together through intense training exercises in their selective military branches.