Minimum Wage $15/h?

Minimum Wage $15/h?


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What do you think?  Should there be a federal minimum wage? Should there be a legal minimum wage that is the same for everyone no matter the job or the location?  People are working so hard in restaurants and other blue collar jobs such as construction.  They don’t deserve to get pay that is the same as people who are cashiers or tellers at banks sitting all day in the room.  Hard workers in tough jobs deserve more than them because of their effort and job risks.  When you live in an area that is wealthy with a high standard then the cost of living is higher too.

California and New York Governors are debating to increase their minimum wages up to $15 per hour with additional paid family leave.  It is going to start in California and New York because the cost of food, gasoline, and other products increased sharply in the major cities of New York and San Francisco.  People can not live in these cites with the current wages.  Mostly students work at restaurants so they usually ride a subway or metro to get there. They can’t afford car and parking in New York city.  Metro and subways ride has risen up as well.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton also spoke about the proposed wage raise in California and New York.  Here is her speech video

Hilary Clinton is in the favor of hard workers.  Almost every student starts their career from restaurant jobs.  Student employees who have high costs would be happy about this proposed change and Clinton might get more votes because of her kindness.

Personally, I have been working at a restaurant for three years in Virginia.  Every time I hear about raise; it only gives me hope that Virginia will make a change.  By law in Virginia, it can only raise 60 cents more after six months.  I have a personal experience that living in one of the wealthiest counties of the country with a higher cost of living justifies a higher minimum wage.  It may be different in other regions but you wont see any hard working people complain about $15 per hour.