Missouri Goes “Bang”



Metro Shooting Supplies’ employee Chris Cox speaks to a customer about the purchase of a 9mm handgun in Bridgeton, Missouri, November 13, 2014. The store has reported an increase in gun sales as the area waits for a grand jury to reach a decision this month on whether to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed the 18-year-old Mike Brown, who was black, on Aug. 9 in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES – Tags: CRIME LAW CIVIL UNREST POLITICS) – RTR4E2I1


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“On Sept. 15, the Missouri legislature passed a conceal and carry law that ensures that guns will be even further entrenched in the state’s everyday life. It’s now legal for state residents to carry concealed weapons, in public, without a permit, criminal background check or firearms training.”

Missouri’s new gun law is part of a terrifying trend that will put black Americans in even more danger

This is getting real. Missouri has just adopted a law, which overrides the governor’s veto, and allows its residents to buy and carry firearms in public without going through the proper, and necessary background checks.

“Missouri Democrats strongly opposed the law, calling it a “perfect storm” that would cause fatal shootings—already a more common cause of death in Missouri than car accidents—to rise, and embolden aspiring George Zimmerman’s to “stand their ground” against innocent black citizens.”.

Like the quote says, it puts black people at an even higher risk. It puts them in eminent danger to be exact. What this law is saying is that basically anyone can purchase a gun, from lunatics, to criminals, to possibly even children. It just makes the process of getting a gun less of a hassle.

downloadThere are big questions about who benefits from this law and why citizens feel this need to carry concealed weapons in Missouri. If you even have to ask yourself those question there should be immediate red flags going up. I can honestly say that if I lived in Missouri I’d be in fear for my life. Their is no way that I could feel safe knowing that this law is  in action. With “conceal and carry” you never know who on the streets could be carrying. This law has made it legal for everyone to be armed at all times, how is that okay?

People are going to try and justify this law by saying its their right, and they need to be armed for protection from many different things such as the police these days. How can you make a just argument for carrying a gun on your person to protect yourself from the police? If anything your protection and safety is going to decrease because now anyone, and everyone can own, and carry a firearm.
gunviolence-660x382When you look at the picture what do you see? A man or a boy with a gun, right. If you said yes you are indeed correct but you’re missing something. Have you figured it out yet? Let me tell you. Yes, the picture is a man or a boy holding a gun but what your missing is the person hes pointing it at. At this very moment, as you sit here and read this, that figure that you see is currently pointing the gun at you. Now how do you feel about this picture? Obviously we are not really going to be shot by looking at this picture, but what if this wasn’t just a picture? What if right here and right now that figure was pointing this loaded gun at you, would that change your perspective? I was told when I was little that guns kill people but I realized something. Guns really don’t kill anyone, take a look at the picture again.  The firearm is being held by the figure but it has not yet been fired.  The only person that can make that decision is the person holding the gun. A gun by itself can not shoot, it needs someone or something to give it that command, and with the law that Missouri just passed well, its giving a lot more people the power to give that gun the command to fire and they can hide their intent.  Its giving people the power to react without emotional control in a way that has deadly consequences.

There needs to be a positive change in America. People each day are dying from gun violence6359037691671413272050064283_1339278683_5911_gun2e and how do you think this law will affect those numbers? I can tell you that it didn’t help them diminish any. The people want change, we want to see results; not more of our brothers and sisters dead in the streets due to guns. When people decide to take the law into their own hands power has increased in a way that can lead to less order, because that’s what this law is giving more and more people the power to do.

As a black man living in America, I know what its like to be judged, targeted, looked at, accused, and not valued for his full worth. By passing this law in Missouri you not only put peoples’ lives in danger, but you also diminish the value, safety, and worth that black people living in Missouri used to have. It just breaks my heart that we as a nation, as Americans have not yet found the strength and power to “push back”.