Missouri University Students Act to End Racsim

Missouri University Students Act to End Racsim


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At the University of Missouri acts of racism and sexism have become so bad that 30 of the football players have decided to act on the problem.

Here is one of the players tweets   “We will no longer take part in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experience.”

Black student leaders have complained constantly of white students using racial slurs. In August there was an incident where students used feces to draw a swastika, drawing condemnation from black and Jewish student organizations. There is also a Graduate student on a hunger strike. The graduate student’s name is Jonathan Butler, he accused the schools leadership of not caring about the student body.151109-jonathan-butler-mizzou-mbm-01_014bbad28dbda0aecf345f054c610655.nbcnews-ux-600-480


Butler believes that students are not capable of achieving their full academic potential because of the racism that they are faced with. The footballs players who have decided to take a stand on this issue are facing loosing their academic scholarships. On saturday the schools athletic department said that it supports the rights of student athletes to ” tackle these challenging issues”. The coaches of the football players seem to understand and agree with this movement. The students blame President Tim Wolfe for these problems and they want him removed.

Racism is still a big problem in the world today.  The fact that these football players are sacrificing so much to stop the issue shows 1st the reality of the problem and 2nd the power of good people acting to overcome it. I believe everyone should respect each other no matter gender, race or religion. We are all created equal and it’s not fair for people’s education and life to be altered because of racism and sexism.