Monster Spray and Marketing

Monster Spray and Marketing


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A Pharmacy in Waterford City,  North Dakota came up with a new child safe spray for children’s bedroom at night time to cure their fears of make believe monsters. A few sprays around the room before bed time to help the child sleep, you can always repeat if needed. Its 100% safe, can be used as needed, and works great. Many young kids are scared to sleep alone or in the dark, but this spray helps them believe it keeps the monsters away, until they grow up and realize the truth about “Monsters”.  Many had great things to say about the spray, and how well their kid has been sleeping since starting it. its kinda like when a young kid gets a booboo, if you kiss it, it feels all better. but that is all in the child’s brain believing it is better.  Its the same thing with the monster spray, they think the spray keeps monsters away, so the use it. Little do they know monsters are not real, they believe in the spray!

I would definitely use the monster spray for my little cousins or god daughter.  If the spray will help them sleep better and me too, then count me in for the monster spray. If its not doing any harm why not use it if it is helping the child? Monsters in the closet and under a bed has always been unrealistic, but I think everyone as a child had something unrealistic the were scared about.  Even if there was just air freshener in the spray bottle, if the kid believes it takes away monsters, let it be.

What do you think? Does it do any harm to market to kids imagination?  Some might say it makes us vulnerable to propaganda as citizens later in life but I don’t think so.