Mountain View High School Foundation Building Micro-Scholarships

Mountain View High School Foundation Building Micro-Scholarships


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While the Mountain View High School Foundation refocuses on micro-scholarships in STEM and vocational training, Mountain View students focus on raising money for The Foundation and their own future.

See the February 28th Centre Ridge Chipotle, flyers located on the front page of this newspaper.

Students are busy on their mobile phones and social media rustling up hungry customers.  All are welcome.  For The Foundation to do their job, they need money.  This is a way to help The Foundation and improve students’ chances of getting money for college.  Bring this flyer ( ) to the event or simply say “Mountain View” when you purchase lunch.

The Mountain View High School Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Centreville, Virginia, with a mission to provide college scholarships to graduating Mountain View students.   Over the years The Foundation has provided more than a half century of college to deserving high school graduates by funding the first semester or two as students transition to college life.

Foundation Manager Sharon DeBragga said, “Our new focus is expanding to provide micro-scholarships with complete support for the student over the life cycle of the scholarship.”

These micro-scholarships, between $500 and $2,500, are enough to become a Computer Service Technician ($1,548), Web Developer ($1,903), Welder ($2,685), Network Technician ($1,956), Certified Nursing Assistant ($1,400), Pharmacy Technician ($1,655), EMT ($1,941) and many other careers.  100% of donations to the Mountain View High School Foundation flow through to student scholarships.

“The scholarship awardees have been vetted by the school’s faculty.  The Foundation carefully approves every program in which we place scholarship money.  We provide mentoring, personal finance and tutoring.  We’ll even work through life issues.  If a student needs transportation, we’ll show them where and how to get a cheap car.  We also assure quality job placement opportunities when they are done,” DeBragga said.

Mountain View Alternative High, in Centreville, is part of Fairfax County Public Schools and serves students with nontraditional needs.  The school’s students are both minors and adults, students who are pregnant or parenting, students returning to school after major life events forced them to drop out and students accelerating their high school education. The school is not intended for students with severe disciplinary problems.

DeBragga said, “We are trying to serve as many needy and deserving Mountain View graduates as possible.  Providing micro-scholarships turns High School graduates into tax-paying citizens with good jobs to support their families.  We are thankful for these high school students working to raise scholarship money, and thankful for Centre Ridge Chipotle.”

For more information contact Foundation Manager,  [email protected] 703-227-2388.