Murder & Justice In Virginia

Murder & Justice In Virginia


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SUMMARY:Jesse Matthew Jr., 33, of Charlottesville, Va., was indicted Monday 2/09/2015 on charges of first-degree murder, abduction with intent to defile and reckless driving, said Denise Lunsford, Albemarle County commonwealth’s attorney. He previously had been charged with abduction with intent to defile in connection with the Sept. 13 disappearance of Hannah Graham and reckless driving because he eluded officers’ attempts to follow him after he showed up at Charlottesville’s police station asking for a lawyer a week later.

CORE DEMOCRATIC VALUES: This case has to do with the core values of life authority and equality

Life– He took someones life for no apparent reason.

Authority– The government had the authority to arrest perpetrator

Truth- Evidence was needed to convict him of the crime.

Equality– Every human is equal and should be protected as well as prosecuted equally.


I think that what Jesse Matthew Jr. did was incredibly wrong.  He must be held accountable.

Map of Virginia highlighting Albemarle County
Map of Virginia highlighting Albemarle County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)