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Ella Eyre, an up and coming UK artist has made quite a splash in the UK hits recently. In 2012 Ella started her journey with hit songs “No Angels” (Bastille featuring Ella Eyre) and “Free” (Bastille featuring Ella Eyre & Erika) after the huge success and popularity of the song on UK charts, Ella became a frequent featured vocals artist in hit “drum ‘n bass” and “electronica” music such as: “Waiting All Night” (Rudimental featuring Ella Eyre) and “Gravity” (DJ Fresh featuring Ella Eyre). Although familiar in the UK, Ella had yet to breakout in the US. Ella was fortunate enough to be featured in a song with American rapper “Wiz Khalifa”. This has since brought her a fan base spreading across the continents. “Think About It” now has 8,133,390 views on YouTube worldwide. After the crazy amount of publicity, Ella has been writing and producing her own music. Singles have been released from her expected album “Feline” waiting to drop in the near future of May 2015. Her singles include; “Deeper”, “If I Go”, and “Comeback”. All of which have an extensive amount of views on YouTube. The album greatly anticipated by her fans in the UK and the US.

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Ella Eyre’s voice is indeed unique and eclectic and has reverberated tones of Amy Winehouse throughout her voice. Soul is truly in her and carries on into the music. But the new anticipated album “Feline’s” singles have somewhat disappointed me. The songs are overly saturated with “pop” and hides her soulful voice rather than embracing. WhenElla’s voice was featured In “Waiting All Night” (Rudimental featuring Ella Eyre)Ella-22I found myself riding the waves of her fervid voice. Although this is my opinion, I foresee her future in the music business to bloom with the album drop. With many remixes of fellow DJ’s like Rudimental and DJ fresh.