My Crown

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My family has always told me “Your hair does not define who you are or your beauty.” Most people expect your hair to always look a certain way, or already  have an image in their head so some hair styles or textures look better than others. We portray ourselves thinking that our hair has to be a certain type of way for someone else to like. But why do we care? Embrace your NATURAL beauty. We typically don’t educate ourselves on why or how our hair texture is the way it is and how to control or maintain it. When our hair isn’t done it’s considered “nappy” or we look “ghetto or unprofessional ”, why? Why does my hair define what I can or can’t do? 

 We despise our natural beauty so much we wear wigs & destroy our hair with chemicals without even realizing it. We want to experience versatility by changing our hairstyles too. Being a female you could relate.. Not knowing how to style it, getting angry when it doesn’t come out right, no matter the race we all cringe on the thought of having to cut it or even how to deal with it. So when our hair is our domain how do we manage to figure out what’s best for us and what makes us happy?  Referring to the chart above.. Unlike others we have the ability to style our hair without damage but for protection. Such as cornrows, braid extensions, locs, and much more.