My Experience at The Gathering Of The Juggalos

The Flyer for the event.


The Flyer for the event.


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[su_animate]My Experience at the Gathering of The Juggalos[/su_animate]

This year’s Gathering of Juggalos was an amazing experience. My dad and I decided to head there July 22, 2015. But before that, we were packing non-stop. We were so shocked we were actually going to go to the Gathering. The festival is not really a festival, it’s more like a Gathering where a whole bunch of people that have been through some hard times like me and my family come together to have fun and party and do whatever we want to do. It was the time of our lives.

When we were on the road to Legend Valley, Ohio we had to go get this soda named Faygo, since it’s the Juggalo’s Juice. Ihe Insane Clown Posse has it on stage and grew up on this soda. We had everything to go on the road and got ready for the time of our lives again. Each year this event happens and it gets better and better as we go. We have always tried to make time to go each summer no matter what the cost is, because it’s like Christmas for us Juggalos. Even though we know so little of what is going to happen this year’s Gathering, we have no clue for whats in store for me and my dad.

The trip was 6 to 7 hours long, which was good, because we love long rides. Sometimes we even saw Juggalos on the road and we yell WHOOP! WHOOP! Just to say hi (it’s a Juggalo thing to recognize another Juggalo) and hopefully see them at the Gathering. The Gathering is like no other place I would rather be. I would love to just stay there and camp, just to listen to music and spend it with my family and the Juggalos. We even accept that Juggalos are family too; that’s why ICP hosts the event. It’s really because we are family. No matter race or what you look like, and the Juggalo family have been strong for more than 20 years. It is clearly amazing. I love it. Nothing can replace that feeling of being accept and getting along with everyone without being judged upon on.

ICP had brought out artists from different genres of music for the Juggalos, even though most Juggalos like Wicked Sh*t or Horrorcore Rap, there was even Rock groups and Metal groups as well. They even booked out Comedians for the event but I didn’t get to see the comedians since it was going through the night and I mean ALL night. There was so much to do; there were even carnival rides like the ferris wheel and one that goes around and around multiple times until you puke your guts out. It was a true 3-5 day event that was so fun, that it was the best event I have ever been to. Even beats going to the Rockstar Mayhem Festival that only has metal bands. There, at the Gathering, it’s like Woodstock, but yes there are cops but they don’t bother people, because Juggalos are all about fun. It is a 24/7 party or rave or whatever term you would like to call it.

When it was over, My dad and I saw these Chinese Lanterns floating that night into the midnight sky, and I mean thousands upon thousands going up and never know where they will land. The love feeling and all the appreciative people you meet are just truly feels like their actual part of your family. It’s love in the air, and such positive energy in and out of the venue in Ohio. It was amazing, and I will always try to go back every year to meet all the Juggalo Family again.

The music, the rides, the entertainment that brought us Juggalos together. One memory you would never forget.

The 16th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos.