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When I found out that my grandmother was sick in China, I decided to go back THIS TIME.  I had not seen my grandmother since I came to the US.  It has been almost six years.  There have been so many things that change in these six years.  Before, I was so scared to think about going back and visiting my mom’s side of the family because I did not like the feeling of leaving home and family.  I remember the day before I came to  the US.  I went to say goodbye to my grandma, but I left without looking at her eyes.  I left without giving her a hug.  The reason why I did that is because I did not want her to see my tears.

The trip schedule: 10/25/2016 – 11/17/2016 (Three weeks)

On October 25, 2016 my husband and I were taking our daughter, Bella, with us to the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  We were flying from DC to Guangzhou.  Total 20 hours 30 minutes on the airplane. see the trip

 We were waiting for boarding in the airport.


 It was hard to face such a long flight. Also, It was hard to take care of a one year old baby on the plane, but it was good that I got my husband to help me.                                                         Also, I think we were lucky because we got a free seat for Bella. She could lay down to sleep.


After that really long flight, we finally got to Guangzhou Baiyun airport.  Then, we took 3 hours 30 minutes on car from Guangzhou to Yangjiang, China. (My husband’s home town)  It was a very long trip. CLICK HERE to see the map.

The first day in Yangjiang, my baby hurt her chin.









The 3rd days she was getting a high fever and this  repeatedly occurred for a week.  As a new mother, I blame myself for not taking good care for my little one.  I was really worried since we were not in the US.  We did not know any pediatricians in China.  My husband and I tried all the things to lower the temperature.  We took her to the emergency room when her temperature ran up to 105 F.   She got Tonsil Inflammation because she did not acclimatize in China.  She resisted the water in China. I tried everything, yet she refused it.  Maybe her body was lacking water, so that caused the tonsil inflammation.  Since my baby was sick, we had to put off the time to see my grandma.

After few days of staying at home and getting enough sleep, Bella got better.  We decided to go to Hui Zhou, where my grandmother lives.  Yang Jiang – Hui Zhou   My husband and my daughter finally met my grandmother after all of that.

I was crying when I saw my grandma because I missed her so much.  My grandma was so happy to see me and my family.  Bella loves her grand-grandmother; therefore, she made her smile.  I wish I could stay more time with my grandma, yet I could’t.  I had to go back to US and finish my high school.

It is hard to be a mother and go to school at the same time, but I know I can do it.  I will keep doing my best ever though it might take longer time to finish.  As my grandma told me: ‘TingTing, you have to go to college and learn.  Education is very important in life.  You have to go to school. Don’t miss me too much. I am fine.”  That was what my grandma told me when I came back to US.