Keep Faith – Life in Body Art.



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People always find ways to express themselves, whether it is in music, art, or their appearance. One popular way to express who you are is in tattoos. People get tattoos to tell a story, memories, to show that they are, or just simply for the beautiful art of a tattoo.

Jon is a seventeen year old aspiring rapper and has three tattoos, all which, tell a story. He got his first tattoo when he was twelve years old. The first one he received was “family” on his forearm. At a young age he was away from his mom for financial reasons. Throughout his life, he always loved and stayed close to his mother when she was away. This tattoo is dedicated to her and their unbreakable bond.

His second tattoo is placed on his chest and says “Washington” with the Nationals’ “W”. At fourteen he was living away from his mother. She stayed in Washington D.C and he felt a sense of pride because he looked at that as his real home, with his mother. He takes great pride in where he is from and who raised him.

The last tattoo he has he recently got it. His last tattoo says “RIP Rachel.” This is in loving memory of his aunt who passed at the age of 32. Living with his aunt made them grow closer. Without being able to say goodbye to his aunt for the last time, he moved out.  Just a few weeks later, his favorite aunt has died from a heart attack.  He says that this is his favorite tattoo because through any situation he holds the back of his arm knowing that his aunt is looking over him. All his tattoos have a story. They show meaning and passion to his family, where he is from, and memories of his loving aunt.

Some people get tattoos for personal reasons, and others, get them for the simple reason that it is a tattoo. That was me when I was 15. Yes, I got a tattoo just to say that I have one. This is one of the tattoos that I greatly regret. I was under the influence at a party and decided to get tatted. I got three stars on my shoulder. This was my first tattoo and does not have a story behind it, just simply a stupid freshman in high school.

three stars
This was my first tattoo. With no meaningful story behind it, it does remind me of a good night and bad decisions.

My second tattoo has a story, but is ugly. It is an infinity sign that says “love yourself” on my ribs. Unhappy in high school and I felt like giving up. I would just drown away my hate for school. I would go to school, and leave. I got love yourself because after the teachers showing their no care for me, my parents so blind to the fact that I was on a downhill spiral, I felt so alone. Love yourself is mostly a message for me and overcoming one of the lowest times in my young life. It was done terribly so I plan on getting it covered and done better.

Lastly, my final tattoo I have it on my hip and it says “Keep Faith”. This tattoo is my favorite because it is dedicated to my cousin Shelly. With a bright personality that could outshine the sun, Shelly never failed to put a smile on my face. When I got the horrible news that she was in the hospital in a coma, they said she wouldn’t make it. Week after week I kept hearing different stories. Sometimes they said that she is making progress of waking up and the next week she wasn’t going to make it. I believed she was going to make it so I got Keep Faith for you Shelly. I know you’re away now, but I’ll always have faith. Rest easy Shelly, I love you. Two days after I got this tattoo my cousin passed. I plan on getting her passing date under the tattoo.

People get tattoos for many reasons, whether it’s to remember a loved one, self-empowerment, or just beautiful art, everyone has a reason and story behind their body art. Some may not approve of tattoos but you can learn plenty about a person if you listen to their stories. Tattoos don’t make a person who they are; the person makes the tattoo.