My Winter Break

My Winter Break
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A question you might be wondering is, how was my winter break?

Well, my winter break was not so bad, but in reality it was enjoyable and fun this year. For once there was no drama and no fights, like all the other years. My life consists of family members arguing, being rude, and not supportive, but this year it was magical. For a change, we all got along and we did things together, like play games.

On Christmas Eve my son, my boyfriend, and I went to my dad’s house to spend time with them. Because just like every Hispanic family, Christmas Eve is like Christmas to us, so we decided to go there and have family bonding time. It was so much fun! I thought it was going to be a mess, but it was amazing; I saw many smiles and heard so many laughters. My experience this year has to be the best year ever! I think I wouldn’t want to change anything from it.

So briefly tell me how your Winter break was?