N.Y. Prison Worker Who Helped Inmates Escape Gets Up To 7 Years



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A 51 year-old women worked for a maximum security prison is New York (Clinton County Correctional Facility) helped two convicted murders escape on June 6th 2015. She was sentenced Monday 9/26 to up to seven years in prison for helping with tools smuggled in hamburger meat. Also, the judge said she would have to pay $120,000 for the repairing in the cell walls that the convicts cut through to escape. She says she only helped the convicts because she was afraid that the two men would hurt her family. If the convicts would’ve not succeeded on their escape how would they hurt her family? The women said sobbing in front of the judge she regretted everyday because that was one of the worst mistakes she had ever done. She cried for 35 minutes throughout the whole sentencing in her court.

The woman supplied the inmates with a drill bit and hacksaws that she smuggled in hamburger meat, according to authorities. They cut holes in their cells, got into their way through underground pipes, and crawled out through a manhole. The escapees had to have a sketch of how it was through those walls, or at least something so they could know exactly where to go. I think other prisoners and even guards had too be involved in all this, for the women not to be seen putting tools in their hamburger its impossible. The convicts plan was too have the women drive them too a location and then flea too Mexico, but that wasn’t the case when she backed out to be their getaway driver after suffering a panic attack. They had to be on foot, they didn’t get far. the two convicts were shot, one died instantly and the other one survived two days after a state trooper found him. They were on the run for about 3 weeks, trying to get to Mexico.

This whole situation could’ve been resolved if the lady would’ve just told them they were  trying to escape and supposedly threatened her too kill her husband if she said anything.  The values involved here include life, security and truth and they were compromised by fear and threats of violence.