Need Help Finding a Job?

Need Help Finding a Job?


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Job Search Check List 2

       1.         _____ I have considered my LOCATION

(Where is it convenient for me to work in relation to where I live & school?)


  1. _____ I have considered my TRANSPORTATION options

(How am I going to get to work in all weather? Personal Vehicle, Bike, Walk, Public Transportation)


  1. _____ I have looked for work through NETWORKING

(Have I asked friends, family, neighbors etc……about job opportunities?)


  1. _____ I have thought about what TYPE OF WORK I want and the days/hours I can work

(Do I know what I want for a work schedule? What do I want to do at work?)


  1. _____ I have made a LIST of companies/businesses based on my location & transportation

(Have I looked in my area and determined where to apply?)


  1. _____ I have made FACE to FACE CONTACT with a Manager at the places on my list to express interest

(Do I have professional clothes to visit businesses?)

(Did I remember to get a business card with the name of the hiring person?)


  1. _____ I have completed APPLICATIONS to businesses I want to apply to

(Have I informed the businesses in-person that I completed the application?)


  1. _____ I have completed a RESUME

(Did I use the tools available to draft a resume? (Such as Microsoft Templates))

(Have I had at least 2 people look at my resume?)


  1. _____ I have scheduled an INTERVIEW

(Do I have professional interview clothes?)

(Is my resume complete?)


10.      _____ I have all my IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS ready for the hiring process

(Do I have my social security number/green card information/, picture Identification and 3 references)

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