Neighborhood connection or threat to privacy?



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On may 16, 2016 the New York times reported that a website was made to connect neighbors.  Users can post anything about their neighborhood.  Hundreds of citizens and police departments use this website to keep an eye on neighbors and communicate with them.  This website can be used for positive or negative effects. It is meant to communicate with neighbors but it has many issues among residents.  Recently someone reported a suspect of a crime on this website and said that there is a “Black African American” walking with a dog which means neighbors have to be careful and be alert.

This website makes it too easy for racial profiling and to go against someone’s privacy.  People could get into someone privacy by looking on the website and tracking them.  Mostly people don’t want to be subject of rumors but neighbors talk about them and it goes against their privacy.  Residents are arguing to the community about this site and some say it should be removed from their neighborhood.  The website is supposed to connect residents for greater safety and security but the cost of personal privacy is too high.