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The game, known as Neknominate, is thought to have originated in Australia and is now sweeping the world. It involves you filming yourself downing a drink, often alcoholic and of large quantities and then nominating a friend to outdo you. All this is posted on social media like Facebook or YouTube. But what started for some as fun has turned deadly; at least five men aged under 30 have died after drinking deadly cocktails. Now health professionals are warning young people of the risks of consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short time. There appears to be no limit to the type of drinks that are consumed, and in what matter. Each nomination becomes more and more daring and outlandish.

I think it was very dumb for people to take a challenge like this. People should not be drinking that much alcohol. It is very dangerous for young people to drink that much alcohol in such little time. Why are they even taking challenges like this? To whom they need to prove themselves? NOBODY! So I think this was a dumb and childish challenge and nobody should be risking there lives or harming their body to prove anything to anybody. Governments because this is a world wide thing and they need to put out laws on ways alcohol should be used and how its put over the Internet.