New $100 Bill Conspiracy



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United States Department of the Treasury on Ch...
United States Department of the Treasury on Christmas Day (Photo credit: Ochinko)

The new $100 bill came out recently.  There’s a conspiracy theory, that if you fold it in a certain way, it shows NYC being flooded as shown in the movie “The day after tomorrow”.  I believe this conspiracy could be possible because after the 20 dollar bill conspiracy came out, the twin towers were blown up. This conspiracy is scary and creepy to think about, but it may be true. This could be a warning from the Department of Treasury or the government that this may happen. People may not really pay attention to this because they may think that its just one more person that obsessed with illuminati/secret society myth.

This is connected to government because these new $100 bills are made by the Department of Treasury and they haven’t said anything about this conspiracy. Even if the flood happening in NYC is a myth, the Department of Treasury should not create such bills that make the citizens worry about their safety.


By: Spencer &Laura