New Army Grooming Rules

New Army Grooming Rules


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The new Army grooming standards were approved March 6, 2014 by Army Secretary John McHugh. Among the rules to move into the commissioned officer ranks: sideburns cannot extended beneath the bottom of the ear canal. Tattoos are not allowed on members’ faces, heads, necks and hands, and sleeve tattoos on arms and legs are banned. Tattoos that are visible can’t be larger than the person’s hand. Before the current update, the latest regulations on grooming dated back to 2006, when the military watered down standards especially on tattoos to grow ranks, senior officials said to Army Times.

The Army is probably losing soldiers because of the new regulation. They just want to  emphasize professionalism in appearance. Its unfair that the soldiers that have visible tattoos are otherwise capable to get to a higher rank.  The Army just doesn’t want to give them the opportunity, because of their tattoos.

What do you think?

Does the Army have the right to discriminate in this way?  Is it related to the overall mission of the US Army?