Images of the Chinese Balloon

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The Chinese balloon was shot down over the Atlantic ocean on Saturday Feb. 4th by a U.S. Fighter jet obeying on an order from President Biden.

Have you ever been in a disagreement where you were convinced you were right and the other side was wrong? This is the situation between the USA and China today.  Should this be a cause of concern? We should definitely be cautious and aware but this is nothing new in our history.

Some questions that I have: How did China’s balloon get over to America?  Where did they launch it from?  What information was it getting?  How did it travel so fast?  It seems crazy to me.

This cartoon is showing that America and its government are defending against a spy ballon but the way that its drawn shows that they are afraid. Why would the U.S. government be so afraid? They needed the fighter jet because the ballon was so high up. They have now recovered pieces of it from the Ocean floor where it was shot down just off the coast of South Carolina. Since then more balloons have been spotted and shot down. Not many people are talking about it in the government.

This cartoon shows that China is obviously spying on Americans but we are willing to laugh about it. Its funny because people have no idea what the consequences could be; but instead of being afraid they are making fun of it by showing a SPY vs SPY character. This points out that America is doing the same thing that China is doing. It could’nt be more obvious; maybe thats why people have so many questions about it.

CARTOON: China’s spying couldn’t be more obvious