New Life for Black Ops 3



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Call of Duty games especially made by Treyarch are known for their historic campaign story line. But when they release Black Ops they are known for their crazy weapons, zombies and revolutionary game play. Once I heard and confirmed that Black Ops 3’s release date was this year, I quickly pre-ordered it, knowing it was going to come with the classic zombies survival mode and not the development of  Sledgehammer Games. That is another group of developers that couldn’t develop the classic zombie mode in the previous COD game like Treyarch did originally . In the multiplayer online aspect of COD Black Ops 3, Teryarch yet again did an outstanding job with a new option of choosing a special ability that your soldier can inherit making every player important in combat. It unifies your squad (team) in a way no game has ever done and intensifying warfare.

The most outstanding thing about Black Ops 3 isn’t its tone, it’s the amount of content put together that yields the greatest I’ve seen in Call of Duty while still keeping what the fans love. The Campaign has an option for a four-player co-op and the campaign and Zombie modes are more rewarding and fun to play than they’ve ever been. The six-hour story is set in the not too distant future. Its   sci-fi fare; it includes its own techno-gibberish to get used to. Black Ops 3 has “Direct Neural Interface,” or DNI for short. The technology allows humans (the player) to mentally interact with computers, weapons, and other people. The new abilities changed the way I thought about playing Call of Duty. For example, you can’t use dropped weapons from enemies because they’re registered to someone else’s brain. Without getting into spoilers, Black Ops 3 made me not care enough about its characters. I was let down, because the game explores some taboo topics, like what happens when people no longer own their thoughts, or when they don’t receive the mental health care they need? The answer answer for this is  kill more robots! Killing more robots and other enemies is actually fun using the new powers, which come in three categories: exploding things, beating things up, or controling your enemies and have them blow things up for you. But it doesn’t answer the taboo questions.  Each power makes your own style of play, and you cant earn enough points to level up all three categories unless you choose to sacrifice other perks, weapon upgrades, and more. So sticking to one path is important, which then leaves enough points to beef up your trusty primary weapon, which feels more important than it ever has. The gun you pick will likely stay in your hands for the entire level. I was surprised and disappointed to find that many of the great high-mobility mechanics Treyarch revealed for Black Ops 3’s multiplayer, such as firing while performing other actions or wall-running, at first seemed disabled in campaign. Treyarch wants us to ignore the new mobility skills and play a more classic style of Call of Duty. There’s even a tech upgrade that allows you pick up any weapon you find, just like the old days. In multiplayer, everyone has a thruster pack similar but different from last year’s Advanced Warfare. The new thruster pack offer tons of precision. They’re great for chasing down or escaping from enemies, reaching objectives, and navigating levels. Being out of cover makes you a big target, but at least you’re a target who can fight back. This makes for fast warfare that can start at any time and from any angle, thanks to maps that were built to make use of your skills. Complex motions like running along a wall, firing at an enemy, and then jumping to a different wall is difficult, but Black Ops 3 includes Free Run courses to test your skills outside of live multiplayer. It records your best completion times too, so this mode will have legs.