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DSC_0083 (2)In October 2015, the needlepoint store in the heart of a little town called Middleburg in Virginia was purchased by Marcy Harris. In November, the Mountain View Media Lab Team interviewed Ms. Harris.

Needlepoint is a craft that stitches yarn through painted canvases that are perforated.  It’s a very old craft practiced in ancient Egypt.

To learn more basics, see:  Wikipedia on Needlepoint

Stitch is a needlepoint store.  They sell beginner templates, and other needlepoint related items. Marcy was very respectful and extremely nice. During the interview, she talked about how she acquired the store and how she got into needlepoint.

Her store was very beautiful. It almost felt as if everything in the store was completely homemade. The store andDSC_0069 (3) the town felt very old-fashioned and like a tight nit community. Most of the businesses in that area are family owned.

All of the businesses felt like they had been passed along from generation to generation. The whole town was very cozy, it was a very heartwarming place.

We created a webpage, links to social media and took a lot of photographs.


Stitch Middleburg

122 W. Washington Street
Middleburg, Virginia

(540) 687-5990