New Security and Privacy issues on IOS Devices



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October 21, 2015

Apple is a known company for their great quality products. One of the most popular products from them is the  Iphone. This smart device has been used by consumers for almost 10 years. Today’s iphone is extremely secured by a passcode that nobody can break into it even the government.

Apple says the task of unlocking one of these phones privacy settings “would be impossible to perform,” due to the new security and privacy features embedded in iOS 8 and iOS 9. The brief states these measures “prevent anyone without the device’s passcode from accessing the device’s encrypted data. This includes Apple.”

This security  future is kind of useful for iPhone users, but it also prevents the government from breaking into the phone. This could be a serious issue, because some users might have some important issues that could be dangerous for the government like terrorism planning and such. This brings up the ongoing need for compromise in America between the need for national security and individual rights to privacy.  Recently citizens have been required to give up some aspects of privacy in favor of security.  This phone would turn the trend around and bring up new issues that would require new regulation.