New Virginia Plans for High Schools



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Virginia is planning on reinventing the way high school will be in 2018

                                                       “Even the idea of high school will be different”


. They say that instead of the regular four-year high schools where you need credits and verified credits. It will be a two-year section with multiple paths to graduation. Students will have the choice to prepare for a four-year college degree, or prepare for a two-year community college degree. But the most different thing is that students will have a chance to leave high school with a certification that says they are ready to go to work, in different industries depending on what local business say they need for workforce. They also say that Internships and apprenticeships will be worth credit toward high school graduation. And they are also decreasing the number of standard of learning tests (SOLS) because they think it is not as important as teaching students communication skills and hands on learning skills.

Virginia Governor expands apprenticeships


I think that implementing more specific programs for students is a great way to make them think about what they want in the future. I will go to a two year community college first, so for me it would be great to finish high school knowing exactly what to do and what will happen in the two year college. I also think its great that some kids will get to leave high school ready to go to work, because in reality not everyone wants to go to college and get a big career. Some kids prefer hands on jobs that don’t require a degree. Overall I think the way they are  trying to help a large percentage of the students is great, and I think it will definitely have results in a way that kids will be more educated about what they will do in the future as their job.