The Fear of Being Alone: Night by Elie Wiesel



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Cover of "Night (Oprah's Book Club)"
Cover of Night (Oprah’s Book Club)

This book I just finished reading is Night by Elie Wiesel. This is a true story of him as a child during the holocaust. The most intense feeling this book gives is the fear of being alone. As a Jewish child during the holocaust, Elie suffers many losses. His entire family is sent to the concentration camp known as Auschwitz. They took away his identity and made him a number. They took all of his families possessions and split up their family. The father and the son are in one area, and the mother and the daughter are in another. One night, Elie sits up an stares at himself in the mirror, and sees that he has become very unhealthy, almost as if he’s staring at a corpse. At one point in the book, Elie stated that he stopped feeling human. He means that he stopped feeling like anything mattered. He lost all hope in living, he’d lost all hope for humanity. The only person he still had in his life was his father, who was growing very ill.

This is a very heavy minded book, it holds lots of deep emotions from Elie Wiesel’s tragic past.