Nine Year Old Reports a Death Crime



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Hilde Kate Lysiak is a little girl who recently appeared on the news because of her reporting talent at such a young age. On April 2, 2016 the nine year old heard there was something happening on Ninth street, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

She went with her pen and camera. She started recording and gathering information from the neighbors.   In the end, Hilde came up with a full-length report, beating the other competitors. Her report was titled, “Exclusive: Murder on Ninth Street.”

On the link listed above we can see how a lot of people are upset.  The idea of a nine year old  reporting news on things such as murder makes many people uncomfortable.  They think she should be playing with dolls, etc.

I think she is doing something she enjoys.  In the article she mentions she does this for fun and because she wishes to be a professional reporter in the future. I think people are always judging, and they will write mean and rude stuff no matter what.  So I think this girl is doing a good thing by laughing it off and continuing to do what she loves. In government class, we call this the 1st amendment.