NJ Mayor Plans for the Future



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A week ago Scientists revealed that an enormous piece of ice will break from the west part of Antarctica. This piece of ice will fall and melt in the sea, raising the sea level up to 10ft and more than the old predictions they had made.

Scientists predicted that at the end of this century part of the planet and cities may be under water.

Dawn Zimmer, mayor of Hoboken New Jersey city, says that the deviations caused by Hurricane Sandy, and four other  floods that hit her city persuade her to take actions, on how to prevent a future catastrophe in her city.

She included that the idea is to buy new land and build more parks to absorb rain water. “We need to figure out a way to live in water she says”.

Constructing buildings that are more resistant with the entire utilities necessary can enable us to survive future challenges.

I believe that the earth is facing a climate change that is difficult to understand. A lot of people consider this the end of the world. I think that back in other century’s people did not have the technology that we have now.

In my opinion, earth may be facing climatic changes, but we don’t have in mind that the global warming is causing all of these problems. We continue burning more fuel and producing carbon dioxide that traps earth’s heat.

Local and regional governments can be more creative when they plan for the future.  Hoboken’s mayor is giving people hope.

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