North And South Korea trade artillery rounds

North And South Korea trade artillery rounds


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North Korea fired 500 artillery shells in to the Yellow sea and 100 in  South Korea’s waters on Monday March 21. It force to residents of South Korean islands to evacuate to shelters for several hours. In defense, South Korea responded by firing 300 shells into North Korean waters. Both countries did not fire at land or military installations, but to open fire to waters of other countries is provocation. White House spokesman Jonathan Lalley  said that north Korea’s actions “dangerous and provocative” and said they would further aggravate tensions in the region.

North Korea has to be looking to provoke a  situation to go to war with South Korea. If not, why would countries be putting people in danger exchanging fire like it was  child’s play?

This is a reminder that the Korean war did not end with a treaty but with a cease fire.  North and South Korea are so different from each other in the form of their government and economy.  Do you think the Korean people will ever find common ground?  It  seems to me that the dictator of North Korea wants more land like a bully on the playground.  Dictators will do anything to get noticed and I think that South Korea should not play along with the game started by North Korea.  South Korea will be more powerful if they insist on a diplomatic meeting instead of throwing stones on the playground.