North Korea threatens South Korea to Strike with force!


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Yesterday on DEC. 19, 2013 North Korea send a threatening fax to South Korea to “strike mercilessly without notice” after protests against the secretive regime this week in Seoul. This is a big impact on S. Korea because they have been butting heads for a long period showing that the Korean war has never really ended. South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense said they’ll retaliate firmly if any action is taken on South Korea. This article of news really has a big impact on me to because i’m Korean too and have family and relative in South Korea and if any war or confrontation happens it will have a big impact on me knowing if my family is safe or not. Now we will just have to wait and see if North Korea really will do anything to South Korea. This relates to government in my opinion because if anything happens to South Korea we the US will have to step in this battle too because Korea is one of our Allies, also because this is a conflict between two countries. Hopefully nothing happens and everything goes well.