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imagesCAAUIO2UI’m thankful for everyone in my family being there for me after having my daughter.   It was a difficult time, and had I waited longer, it would have been worse.  One more day and I would not have seen this Thanksgiving at all.

I’m thankful for having a great recovery. I’m thankful for my daughter. Having her was a miracle. She’s healthy and HAPPY 🙂

My parents did a lot for me.  Both before and after. I’m thankful for everything they have done in the past and now.

I know I was not an easy person to help.  And they’ve helped me all my life.  Although I’ve not shown it throughout my life, now I’m VERY thankful for being adopted.  I don’t know what my life would be like if I wasn’t.  I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!!

I’m thankful for my aunt Jojo too, she is great.  My mom’s sister Jojo I truly love.  She’s done so much for me.  When I was in trouble with my parents, she would be there for me. She took me in from the cold, and helped me get back on my feet.  I feel she’s got my back.  I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

imagesCA5L7CEJNow my Grandma (my Dad’s mom) helped me a great deal since my daughter was born.  Grandma went through the same thing in the 1960s.  She knows how getting a job, going to school, and taking care of a baby feels. She had three kids.  She’s helped me and it’s great 🙂

I’m very thankful for all my family being there for me!